Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Gaming Mouse Mice 6400DPI Optical Sensor 5 Independently Buttons For Laptop PC Gamer

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• 6400DPI Optical Sensor :The mouse has a high-quality optical sensor that can detect movements up to 6400DPI, providing precise and accurate tracking.

• 5 Independently Buttons :With 5 independently buttons, the mouse offers a greater level of control and customization, allowing you to perform specific functions with ease.

• Wired Connection :The wired connection ensures a stable and reliable connection, eliminating any lag or delay during use.

• CE Certification :The mouse is certified by CE, ensuring that it meets the highest safety and quality standards.

Razer DeathAdder Essential Wired Gaming Mouse Mice 6400DPI Optical Sensor 5 Independently Buttons For Laptop PC Gamer


FormFactor: Right-Handed

Connctivity: Wired – Standard Plastic Cable

BatteryLife: None

RGB Lighting: Single-Color Green Lighting

Sensor: Optical

Max sensitivity (DPI): 6400

MAX Speed(IPS):220

MAX Aeeeleration(G): 30

Programmable Buttons: 5

SwitchType: Mechanical

SwitchLifecycle: 10 Million Clicks

MouseFeet: Standard Stock Feet

Cable: Standard Plastic Cable

TiltScrollWheel: No

Sizes: Length x Grip Width x Height

5 “x 2.43″ x 1.68”

127.0 mm x 61.7 mm x 42.7 mm

Weight: 0.211 lbs / 96 g

DockCompatibility : None

Weight & Size:

Product Weight (excluding cable): 96g / 0.211lbs

Cable Length: 1.8m / 5.91ft

Package size (length x width x height): 127.0X73.0X43.0mm

Package Includes:

1 x DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

1 x User Manual

6,400 DPI Optical Sensor

Allows fast and precise mouse swipes that offer greater control for the most essential gaming needs.

Razer Synapse 3 (Beta) Enabled

Razer’s hardware based on online cloud. Set parameters such as DPI and polling rate precisely.

Save files automatically and keep the same pace with cloud server.

Up to 10 Million Clicks

RazerTM Razer mechanical mouse microswitch with up to 10 million clicks.

Ergonomic shape

Maintain excellent performance in long-term games, not to be exhausted in the fierce battle.

Anti-slip Side Grips

Razer Deathadder Essential has upgraded to anti-slip side grips and strengthen control and

precision over your mouse during lift-offs and fast swipes.

5 Hyperesponse Buttons

Independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons give you advanced controls for a competitive edge.


Q: Why no battery in the packaging box?

A: In order to ensure that the mouse can quickly pass the customs security check,we will remove AA the battery from the mouse before shipment.Because power distribution products often been returned .please


Q:Why product’s packagbox different from our country?

A: The products produced in different countries may haveslight differences but they are all original and genuine.Please don’t worry.

Q:Why can’t query the product serial number?

A:Razer products have different anti-counterfeiting query methods in different countries. Products produced in China can be queried by logging into the Razer China official website or scanning the QR codeon the packaging box.Registering an account does not require a product serial number.

Q:What should i do if i’m not satisfied with the product?

A:Just feel free to contact our after-sales department or leave messages us,we will try our best to make you satistying.

Q:Why the logistics are so slow?

A:Actually it is not that fast like DHL FedEx. these super fast express, because all of our productsakes really low profits. meanwhile,we support free shipping for all product, but i believe the logistics are not that slow, and also traceable, long live theunderstanding’g.

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30 G

Movement speed, IPS


Gross Weight


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